How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 0x97

Whenever there is an internal hardware problem compared to an Canon error code 0x97, it is provided. There may be a reason caused by a motherboard failure or possibly other internal parts. This error occurs suddenly and causes your printer to stop printing. The hardware failure must be repaired or else you must modify the hardware. For your own troubleshooting, we will have to get into the question of what exactly is why. Listed below are some tips on the best way to troubleshoot Canon mx922 b200 error that can help you fix hardware issues. We have developed two approaches from which you can try one of these to troubleshoot hardware problems.

Process to repair Canon error code 0x97

·       When you receive this error message, instantly turn off the electricity and unplug

·       Unplug each of the connected cables

·       unplug USB controllers

·       Instantly remove all printer cartridges

·       Press the power button to start all the updates from the printer

·       Rotate most cables and USB

·       Reinstall the printer cartridges

·       Turn on the electricity

·       Again determine if the error message is there

·       If the error message is that follow the following method

Second way to repair Canon error code 0x97:

·       Turn off the Canon printer and unplug it

·       Disconnect all cables and USB

·       Wait at least five seconds before the printer melts.

·       Press and hold the power button for at least 60 minutes

·       Then plug in the power cord and hold it down for another 60 minutes.

·       Now release the power button and see if the error message is still there or not.

After following the approaches, you will surely troubleshoot your hardware and the error code will not be seen any further. If you still encounter this error, search the Internet for answers.


We have quoted the advice on Canon error code 0x97. If this error code appears on your hardware, you can follow our website for troubleshooting. For any information on this particular topic, you can send your comments and we will reverse it together with the advice.